Bachelor of Office Administration Education Program

Vision :

Producing professional human resources, having competitive advantage, highly competitive, having global insight and mastering science and technology in the field of office administration education in building an advanced, democratic and prosperous Indonesian society based on Pancasila.

Mission :

  1. Implement a professional learning system by continuing to develop various learning resources and the relevance of curriculum content to the needs of the business world balanced with noble character, entrepreneurial insight and global insight.
  2. Improving the quality of education and teaching, research and professional community service by continuing to develop staff resources.
  3. Improving the quality of the teaching and learning process/lectures both academically, conceptually and factually.
  4. Improving the quality of monitoring and evaluating student learning outcomes/achievements in a more careful and sustainable manner.
  5. Establishing good cooperation with government agencies and the business world at home and abroad as partners in education and business for mutual benefit.

Objectives :

  1. Producing professional education staff in the field of office administration education at the SMK level and HR training institutions.
  2. Producing secretarial and public relations professionals  .
  3. Preparing prospective entrepreneurs who have character and master digital technology.

Graduate Profile :

The expected profiles and professions of study program graduates according to the IQF are as follows:

  1. Office Administration Educator
  2. Office Administrators
  3. Public Relations Officer
  4. Executive Secretary
  5. Entrepreneur