Bachelor of Accounting Program

Vision :
Becoming a Study Program that produces graduates in the field of accounting who are superior, have character, have an entrepreneurial spirit and are globally competitive.

Mission :

  1. Develop accounting knowledge that is able to contribute to stakeholders in the form of research studies and renewal of competency
    based accounting knowledge.
  2. Developing the ability of the Accounting Study Program in carrying out the learning process in the Accounting Study Program with superior quality.
  3. Increasing the role of study programs in the development of accounting science so that they will be better known and appreciated by all levels of society through a series of activities that support the welfare and comfort of society in material and spiritual aspects.

Obejectives :

  1. To produce graduates in the field of economics who are competent and professional in developing knowledge.
  2. Producing human resources who are capable and ready to compete in a qualified manner at the national and international levels.
  3. Promote all components of the academic community in the process of education, research and community service.
  4. Establish cooperation with universities, government and private agencies, domestic and foreign.

Graduate Profile :

  1. Auditors Auditors are accounting graduates who work as auditors for both external and internal auditors.
  2. Public Sector Accountants Public Sector Accountants are accounting graduates who work in the government sector such as local government, central government, ministries, provincial governments, and other non-profit entities.
  3. Financial and Tax Consultant Financial and Tax Consultant is an accounting graduate who works as a consultant in both finance and taxation.
  4. Financial Analyst Financial Analyst is an accounting graduate who works in both the private and public sectors who has the ability to analyze financial reports.
  5. Management Accountant Management Accountant is an accounting scholar who works for companies, especially in the field of cost and management accounting.