Bachelor of Bussines Education Program

Vision :

High Integration and Global Competitiveness.

Mission :

Excellent, professional and competitive human resources in the fields of education and business in accordance with the development of information and technology.

Objectives :

  1. Producing prospective educators who are professional and competent in the fields of business and marketing so that they are able to compete in the global arena in accordance with the 21st century world of work.
  2. Producing widyaiswara who are reliable and able to develop curricula related to relevant business topics for government agencies.
  3. Producing graduates who are competent in analyzing business operations in various fields such as marketing, finance, operations, and are also able to formulate business plans and strategies.
  4. Producing graduates who can apply business knowledge to entrepreneurship.

Graduate Profile :

Graduates of the Business Education Study Program are expected to work as:

  1. Business and MarketingTeacher
  2. Business Analyst
  3. Corporate Trainers
  4. entrepreneur