Master of Management Program

Vission :

Become a study program that is a center for education and business development that is superior, professional and has Asian-level competitiveness in 2025.

Mission :

  1. Carry out learning with reference to a globally oriented curriculum to produce leaders who have superior business and managerial skills
  2. Carry out professional and quality research for the world of business and entrepreneurship in order to develop and disseminate knowledge and business practices, as well as contextual management
  3. Carry out community service through business development and entrepreneurship supervision programs
  4. Carrying out professional and continuous cooperation with government agencies and the business world nationally and internationally
  5. Carry out business learning that is oriented towards meeting the needs of the global industry through the use of information technology and big data

Objectives :

  1. Producing graduates at the managerial level who have high analytical skills, have noble character, have an entrepreneurial spirit, are innovative and adaptive to changes in the business environment and digitalization
  2. Producing graduates at the managerial level who are ready to contribute to company development and become innovative organizational leaders and are able to design strategic work plans to achieve superior performance
  3. To become a center for business and entrepreneurship education with global quality in producing graduates in the field of management science at the master’s level, possessing deep conceptual skills, strong analytical skills, so as to be able to develop their knowledge and apply it in business practice

Graduate Profile :

  1. Finance Manager
  2. Marketing Manager
  3. HR Manager
  4. Management Consultant
  5. Entrepreneur