FE UNJ Explores Research Initiatives and Partnerships with Yunnan University of Finance and Economics

Jakarta, May 29, 2024 – The Faculty of Economics, Universitas Negeri Jakarta (FE UNJ), welcomed a distinguished delegation from the Research Institute for Indian Ocean Economies (RIIO) of Yunnan University of Finance and Economics (YUFE) to explore potential research initiatives and partnerships. The meeting took place at Raden Adjeng Kartini on the 9th floor of FE UNJ. Yunnan University of Finance and Economics is a prominent university in China, known for its commitment to academic excellence and research, particularly in the fields of finance and economics.

The visiting delegation from YUFE included:

  • Zhu Cuiping, Director of the Research Institute for Indian Ocean Economics (RIIO), YUFE
  • Hu Wenyuan, Research Fellow, Research Institute for Indian Ocean Economics (RIIO), YUFE
  • Li Zhifei, Research Institute for Indian Ocean Economics (RIIO), YUFE
  • Zhong Ai, Research Institute for Indian Ocean Economics (RIIO), YUFE

During the meeting, both institutions discussed various research initiatives, focusing on economic development and the strategic importance of the Indian Ocean region. The discussions also covered potential collaborative projects that align with the academic and research priorities of both FE UNJ and RIIO.

Key Highlights of the Meeting:

  1. Exploration of Research Initiatives: Both institutions identified key areas of mutual interest in economic research, including regional economic integration, trade policies, and sustainable development in the Indian Ocean region.
  2. Potential Partnerships: The meeting laid the groundwork for future collaborations, including joint research projects, academic exchanges, and co-hosted conferences and seminars.
  3. Knowledge Exchange: The delegates shared insights into their ongoing research projects and discussed opportunities for faculty and student exchanges to enhance academic and cultural understanding.
  4. Strengthening Academic Ties: This visit marks a significant step in strengthening the academic relationship between FE UNJ and YUFE, fostering a collaborative environment for future initiatives.

Prof. Zhu Cuiping expressed enthusiasm for the potential collaborations, highlighting the importance of such partnerships in addressing regional economic challenges and promoting sustainable growth. FE UNJ representatives echoed this sentiment, emphasizing their commitment to enhancing their research capabilities and international collaboration efforts.

This meeting represents a promising beginning for FE UNJ and RIIO, YUFE, as they work together to advance research and education in economics, with a particular focus on the strategic and dynamic Indian Ocean region. Wish us luck!!